Coinbase announced support for bitcoin forks

Coinbase announced support for bitcoin forks

Coinbase has announced that it intends to support all bitcoin forks, thus greatly simplifying the launch of new cryptocurrency for its users.

Support includes only the launch of new cryptocurrency, it will be impossible to buy or sell.

Support forks will be implemented as the main project of the company is Coinbase and others, where possible: GDAX and Coinbase Custody. At the same time, the company has no plans to support the new Coinbase cryptocurrency in Commerce.

The main forks of bitcoin at the moment include: Bitcoin to Cash (BCH), a Private Bitcoin (BTCP) and Gold (BTG)

At the conference Deconomy 2018 in South Korea, earlier this week, General Director and a vivid supporter Cash Bitcoin, Roger Ver made a bet with the General Manager of strategy at Blockstream Samson MOU on the issue of scaling the Bitcoin network. Ver said that the team of bitcoin developers MOU “… destroyed the ecosystem of bitcoin turning it in a thousand and one Aldon and thereby delayed the adoption of cryptocurrencies all over the world for years.”

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