Coinbase adds Bitcoin Cash, and the price takes off

Coinbase adds Bitcoin Cash, and the price takes off

Just a few days after the suggestion of President Asif Coinbase, Hirji that Coinbase could potentially add other assets, the exchange has added into the listing of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

A kind of Christmas gift was the fact that those who have August 1 in the account at Coinbase was bitcoin, the company has accrued an equal number of BCH in the newly created wallets.

Originally Coinbase refused to support the cryptocurrency, but then reversed its decision and promised to introduce it before the end of the year.

From blog posts it is also clear that Coinbase employees were forbidden to trade on the BCH website for several weeks prior to the announcement. However, allegations of insider trading appeared on Twitter.

Price jump, confusion

After the announcement the price of Bitcoin Cash almost instantly jumped to $3000, and trading volumes increased, respectively.

On Coinbase prices on breakthrough cryptocurrency much more modest. At the time of publication of the article, BCH is trading at $3,273.

Meanwhile the price of bitcoin fell to a level of $ 17.000.

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