Co-founder of QuadrigaCX was the criminal: How is this possible?

Co-founder of QuadrigaCX was the criminal: How is this possible?

As it turned out, one of the founders of the infamous canadian crypto currency exchange QuadrigaCX has in the past been involved in numerous crimes.

Michael Patrin run the exchange together with the deceased Gerald Cotto in 2013. Found out that before his name was Omar, Dhanani, and in the past he often came into the view of militiamen the United States.

Recall cryptocurrency amounting to about $ 200 million were blocked on QuadrigaCX after the sudden death of co-founder and CEO Gerald Cotto in December of last year. According to reports, the Patrin left QuadrigaCX in 2016 due to the strong disagreements with Cotto on the procedure of listing tokens. However, he is still one of the largest shareholders of the company.

The Patrin tried to convince everyone that he Jahani — two different people. However, Bloomberg received the information from the official registry. In 2003, he changed the name, and in 2008 changed the name.

What is even more interesting, Dhanani in 2005 was sentenced to 18 months in prison in a Federal U.S. prison for participating in the theft of about Bank cards. In 2002, the 22-year-old Dhanani pleaded guilty of involvement in — the now defunct market through which the data has sold 1.5 million credit cards.

In 2007, he also pleaded guilty to separate criminal offences, including burglary and computer fraud. All this is recorded in the court records of the state of California.

Apparently, after the deportation to Canada a Patrin found yourself as a successful Bitcoin entrepreneur. According to his LinkedIn profile, now the scammer lives in Vietnam and is founder and President of the canadian blockchain incubator Ventures Group (FVG).

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