Chinese Super Bitcoin

Chinese Super Bitcoin

On Tuesday, the Bitcoin network there is another hardwork and will be a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Super, which, according to the project developers, have to “make bitcoin great again”.

Super Bitcoin is a Chinese attempt to optimize bitcoin with Lightning Network and the block size is 8 megabytes.

Hardwork happens at the block 498 888, which will appear on Tuesday, December 12.

His decision to create a new cryptocurrency developers are explained by the desire to conform to the idea of the bitcoin community. What idea inspired them to fork, the developers did not say, well, binding itself to the community it would seem strange, as it is the community most recently massively opposed fork SegWit2x.

Meanwhile, on their website they remind us that:

Please remember: This is just an experiment.

We simply implement proposals recommended by the bitcoin community. Only when we finally realize something so long and so much has been said, we will finally be able to call bitcoin a “great again”.

Super Bitcoin corresponds to the tacit ethics of the other bitcoin projects and also contains a limit on the number of coins, not 21 million as in the original network, and in 21 of 210 000. It is easy to guess that 210 000 coins, the developers have reserved for themselves.

210 000 tokens will be managed by the BTC Foundation Super and will mainly be used to promote the first developers to invest in the Super BTC ecosystem and functioning of Super BTC Foundation.

It is assumed that minig pools f2pool and the BTCC support the project, and on the 21st the exchange will include a new cryptocurrency in their listings.

In December will also be a new version of bitcoin, namely: Uranium Bitcoin, Bitcoin and even Cash Plus Bitcoin God.

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