Chinese miners were affected by the floods

Chinese miners were affected by the floods

As reported by the Chinese blockchain-edition Golden Finance, the recent flooding in Sichuan province has caused serious damage to the largest miners in the region.

Ecns, official English Department news service of China (CNS), reports that on 27 June 28 June in Sichuan province and other four provinces of China fell to abnormally high rainfall that led to flooding.

Golden Finance argues that one of the largest mining farms in Sichuan province has suffered so much that she is unlikely to recover. Tens of thousands of devices were destroyed due to flooding.

At the moment it is not clear what is the mining of cryptocurrencies was involved in this farm, and nobody knows how much bitcoin was lost as a result of the failure of the mining equipment.

The main share in the market of mining bitcoin accounts on China – up to 70%. In particular, the Sichuan province is often called the capital of bitcoin mining because of the high concentration of mining farms in this region known for its cold climate and cheap electricity.

Several news publications, including Golden Finance, associated with the floods in Sichuan province with the fall Hasrat in the Bitcoin network. However, the data of the website show that Herat, in fact, increased from 27 to 28 June, indicating that the effect of the floods was not so significant to affect the whole network.

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