Chinese giant Huawei is planning to use the blockchain to protect intellectual property

Chinese giant Huawei is planning to use the blockchain to protect intellectual property

The patent application was filed by the telecommunications giant in State office of China on intellectual property Tuesday, March 6.

Based in Shenzhen, Huawei first applied for a patent on 15 August 2016. The document describes the verification system of intellectual property rights on digital content in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. The system is based on Blockchain technology.

The blockchain, as described by Huawei in its patent application, permanently records all inspection data such as the ID of the copyright owner and point of access to digital content.

When the user sends the access request to the content control system identificeret and compares its private key or a license from the available database. In the application it is emphasized that permission to download will be issued by the platform based on the Blockchain only in case of complete coincidence of the data validation.

Despite the fact that the Chinese government has banned everything that is in any way associated with cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology is still widely prevalent in the country.

February 27, one of China’s largest e-Commerce platforms announced the launch of the program of development of promising blockchain-related startups. In addition to the development of technology-based distributed registry new startup accelerator called AI Catapult will contribute to the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence.

According to the company, will help young blockchain-companies, contributing to the scale they developed solutions. The latter will be used in various business processes of the Chinese giant, including logistics and e-commerce.

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