China will not ban the activities of miners

China will not ban the activities of miners

Rumors that the Chinese authorities do not directly ban the activities of miners, which appeared on Wednesday, turned out to be just rumors.

As reported by the Chinese building Ciaxin, the Chinese authorities had not appealed to the miners to put an end to their activities.

Two-thirds Hasrat of the Bitcoin network is concentrated in China due to cheap electricity in the province of Sichuan and the Autonomous regions of Inner Mongolia and Tibet.

Citing a source from the regulatory authorities, the Chinese publication reports that it is not about prohibition, but about the standardization of the relationship to the miners, who previously enjoyed many benefits including special rates for electricity, rent, etc.

At a closed meeting, which was attended by the representatives of the people’s Bank of China (PBoC) and the representatives of the Beijing group’s financial risk on the Internet (Leading Group of Beijing Internet Financial Risks Remediation) and which took place on Wednesday, it was just about “standardization” use of electricity “some” miners.

Local authorities were also encouraged to explore “non-standard uses of electricity” because of fears that the power consumption of the miners in some cases may affect the normal consumption of electricity in the region.

Many analysts believe that a ban or restrictions on the activities of miners in the country actually have a positive impact on the bitcoin ecosystem, as it is now

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