China: the blockchain conference entering the police, do not call the authorities causes

China: the blockchain conference entering the police, do not call the authorities causes

April 12 in Shanghai had to go through the blockchain-a conference entitled Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit in 2018. The event started on schedule, but at noon the building was suddenly broken by police and ordered everyone present to leave the room.

The organizers of the conference said that the official reason for the RAID should be considered a necessity of observance of security measures. But she admitted that privately investigating the circumstances which could lead to the incident.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency in China is considered illegal, the Blockchain and FinTech have more rights and opportunities for development. Various conferences in this direction are very popular in China and attract a large number of participants.

According to some media, the true reason for the RAID was a call the investor who told the police that among the participants of the conference will be representatives of the ICO project, which has deprived people of substantial sums of money.

According to the summit website, the event was planned by reading reports and conducting panel discussions with participation of representatives of financial and governmental institutions, as well as various cryptocurrency projects.

The organizers deny any involvement in any ICO and assure that the conference would be held according to plan, which does not include advertising of primary offerings of coins. Also, they asked the community not to believe rumours and not to spread them:

“Our event is formal, and there are no legal claims to the content of the conference. Please don’t spread rumors and do not believe those who disseminate unfair media.”

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