China has updated its ranking of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin jumped up

China has updated its ranking of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin jumped up

Information center and development of the industry (CCID) has published an updated rating, consisting of 34 cryptoprocta. This is the first rating of 2019, but already the ninth issued by the Agency. At this time, Bitcoin was able to move two places higher in the list, but the first two positions still occupy the same coin.

New top cryptocurrencies from the Chinese

EOS now once again appears in first place among Asian investors. Most of the rankings remained unchanged, experts believe that over the past couple of months the stock market has been no serious shifts. But Bitcoin is a little older in the eyes of the Chinese with 18 positions, the cryptocurrency has risen to 15. BCH is also moved two places up from 30 in 28th place.

The results indicate that EOS and Ethereum is still firmly held on the top of the rankings.

Analysts also mentioned hardwork Constantinople, which will be taken into account when compiling the following rankings. At the same time Ethereum Classic fell 15 positions to 19th place. According to experts, this contributed to a 51 attack, which seriously undermined investor confidence in the cryptocurrency.

All 34 coins were also separately evaluated in three categories: basic technology, application and creativity. Unfortunately, “the total value of the indexes of the categories has slightly decreased since the previous rating.” However, the applicability of the projects remained at the same level.

Among the three evaluations, the most “suffer” the creativity this criterion, the experts identified the activity of developers in Github. The fall of creativity related to the Christmas holiday. Most developers are not involved in the process of applying new innovations in the code that strongly affected the index value.

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