Children from 6 years can now independently dispose of the cryptocurrency through personal wallet

Children from 6 years can now independently dispose of the cryptocurrency through personal wallet

Now not only adults, but children can become part of the cryptocurrency community. Help them in this app Pigzbe, which functions as a digital piggy Bank.

The app, created by the entrepreneur Filippo Jacob, is designed to teach children the rational use of cryptocurrency and Finance, encouraging savings.

Positioning itself as a “cryptocurrency Bank”, the application uses the digital currency on a blockchain called Wollo, which is described as the first cryptocurrency specially designed for children.

“Pigzbe is a” piggy Bank “for kids and parents, which is the family’s own cryptocurrency called Wollo, designed for thousands of transactions which parents reward children for a job or allocate in such a way pocket money”,— explained the developers.

Family focus is part of a growing trend among cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and among the more controversial of the coins, such as Dogecoin and Putincoin.

The app encourages children to save in a cashless society, it is difficult using traditional digital applications that either do not allow small transactions, or charge large fees.

“The study of money from an early age is key to developing positive financial habits, but it will be impossible to do in an increasingly cashless society with current Bank products. When I was looking for digital piggy Bank for my own son, I couldn’t find anything that would allow me to make small payments, even in one penny at a time, not to mention cross-border transfers. Most applications of this type require 50p per transaction 50p!”

Pigzbe — application for transfer of money from parent to child. For kids exciting available version in the form of games, while adults use a more simple version of the application.

The accompanying controller pink for kids is used to control and receive notifications from relatives, while the black controller was developed for parents and designed for offline storage of coins Wollo.

Wollo cryptocurrency is accepted in many stores. The application is equipped with additional features parental controls that restrict the purchase of products for adults, such as alcohol, betting in online gambling games or tobacco.

Unlike Fiat currency, cryptocurrency allows parents to see exactly what the children spent the money.

Cryptocurrency penetrate deeper into modern society, and knowledge in this field become a necessity even for children. For example, in February of this year American student from Massachusetts Andrew Curie presented his own book about Bitcoin (Bitcoin) for Teens, “the Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin,” which jokingly became known as “Bitcoin for dummies”.

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