Checkmate? SEC threatens John McAfee

Checkmate? SEC threatens John McAfee

In his last message on Twitter, answering a question from followers about the following interesting crypto project, John McAfee sadly reported that it contacted the SEC and demanded to stop any cooperation with the ICO, including their promotion in the Twitter account, which has 800,000 subscribers.

John also doomed added that “those who launch a ICO, can expect arrest”; rather, it is due to the recent SEC review that all ICO are considered as securities under the strict U.S. law.

The SEC has also set a goal to end “effect McAfee”.

“Effect McAfee” novovedeny a term that describes the influence of John McAfee in the virtual currency space, especially when it comes to recommendations of a particular coin.

13 December last year, John tweeted about the importance of confidentiality, adding that Monero (XMR), Verge (XVG), and the zcash for (ZEC) are some of those coins, who is waiting for the “greatest future” on the market. At that time, Monero was worth about $ 237, zcash for more than $ 300 and the Verge — less than 1 cent. Of course, most users bought the cheapest coin of the recommended. Asset Verge soared 614% to 0.05$. US within 7 days.

The popularity of John in the cryptocurrency space continued to grow and to benefit others recommended them coins, including the last, which added 26% in price after the praise.

However, today’s news about threats by the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA may mean that we won’t see magic McAfee in action. As the SEC continues its campaign to control digital assets that are in force in the United States, perhaps he will get a lot more warnings, as the regulator is clearly trying to harass an iconic leader in the cryptocurrency space.

The feud between McAfee and the SEC began John himself, bringing down a barrage of tweets to the address of the Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton, allowing himself even to call your opponent an asshole. McAfee several times called the Clayton on the live debate on the topic of existing US laws on security, which is currently heavily in digital assets and ICO.

While recent SEC actions weaken the community spirit he promised to come back with the “equivalent alternative”, making it clear that he found a way to use a loophole in current regulations, SEC.

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