Charlie Lee: Litecoin will overtake Bitcoin Cash this year

Charlie Lee: Litecoin will overtake Bitcoin Cash this year

The founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee made a bold prediction on his Twitter page on Sunday evening:

The flipping (ETH> BTC) will never happen. But flapping (LTC> BCH) will happen this year.

The flipping is the moment when the capitalization of Ethereum (ETH) will exceed the market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum approached it last year, but he never managed to surpass the number one cryptocurrency by capitalization. Flapping – this is the moment when Litecoin will surpass Bitcoin in market capitalization Cash (BCH).

At the moment, the BCH is on the 4th place in terms of capitalization. In fact, the capitalization of the Bitcoin Cash in 5 times the capitalization of Litecoin. However, not long ago, BCH was worth only a few hundred dollars.

The price of Bitcoin Cash has grown considerably in November, after supporters Segwit2x abandoned his ideas. Then the price of Bitcoin Cash peaked at the level of $ 4,000, currently the price is hovering around $ 1170.

The prediction that LTC will pass by capitalization of Bitcoin Cash is groundless. The fact that today must earn Litepay – payment platform, after which start using LTC as a means of payment should increase significantly. LitePay will facilitate the acceptance of payments in Litecoin for shops and other businesses.

Users of the payment system will have the ability to store tokens LTC directly in your wallet LitePay, which can then be instantly converted to Fiat currency for a fixed fee of 1%.

Tools LitePay can be used in retail, e-Commerce to accept payments from customers at any point of the globe. Payments accepted in Litecoin will directly enter the Bank account in local currency.

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