Chapter Binance: “the Bull market may come back any minute”

Chapter Binance: “the Bull market may come back any minute”

The General Director of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Changpeng Zhao said in an interview for the cryptocurrency Internet edition of the Crypto Globe that the period from October to December historically is the best for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, he believes that the return of bulls in the market is possible in this period.

I think that the bull market could be back any minute, because, historically, the period from October to December is very good months. At Christmas time the markets are usually increasing. But I don’t claim that this will happen this year, and that will not happen.

Changpeng Zhao made a special proviso that it is not an official forecast, so he does not consider himself a specialist in the field of market analysts.

I did not analyze the markets, because everything I say will be interpreted as a recommendation and people will buy (or sell) based on my statements. Of course I have some influence on the price of the cryptocurrency market, as we are one of the largest operators. But even if you just look at the chart, it becomes clear that in the area of $ 6000 is a very strong support, she rests throughout 2018, while in 2015, the support level was around $ 200. So I don’t feel we are in a bear market. Yes, if you look at daily charts or weekly may not appear such a feeling. I always look from the point of view of long-term prospects. I have never traded. I always buy and keep.

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