CEO Sky Mining disappeared with 35 million dollars of investments

CEO Sky Mining disappeared with 35 million dollars of investments

The harsh reality of unregulated markets is once again struck by the cryptocurrency industry: the Sky Mining, the largest mining conglomerate of Vietnam, was another fraudulent project.

On 26 July it became known about the disappearance of Le Minh Tama — CEO of the aforementioned company. Le Ming, like a polite person, I couldn’t leave without explanation, especially given the fact that he disappeared with 35 millions of investor dollars.

Before the disappearance of Mr. There complained to Facebook that the profitability of his business has fallen with the price of cryptocurrency, complained of the unpredictability of the market and asked investors for forgiveness “for all”.

The majority of investors are pessimistic after the post Le Minh became suspicious and went to the main office of the company. Met them, as we already guess, the bare walls behind the locked door.

Deceived users Sky Mining reported about the events to the local police. Later it became known that lost not only CEO, but also “about 600 units of mining equipment,” was taken by impostors, claiming that they are technical employees.

Le Min Hieu, Deputy Chairman Sky Mining, shared the suspicions of the investors. In an interview with local media he said that, it looks like they stole mining-equipment with the funds. Le Min HEO denies its involvement in the theft:

“The Council has informed the police about the incident and presented the evidence that we are not guilty. We are victims”

On the background of what is happening, the gentleman There, who had not been in contact with any of his colleagues during the week, published a 44-second video in the Telegram, where it says that all this time was in the hospital and promised to return investors ‘ funds:

“You will have your money, thank you for your cooperation, I will not run and did not leave, I’ll be back”

During a PR company in Hanoi, investors were encouraged to invest a minimum of $100 to $5000 in every mining installation, which were in a special store owned by Sky Mining. The company also promised mouth-watering ROI to investors plus compensation for recruiting new participants.

The popularity of mining in Viet Nam with every passing day only increases. According to a report by Xinhua , Vietnam imported more than 6300 mining-devices from January to April 2018, and 2017 — more 9300.

Last month the Central Bank of Vietnam has introduced more stringent restrictions on the cryptocurrency, suspending the import of miners.

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