CEO of OKCoin hints at cooperation with the Chinese government

CEO of OKCoin hints at cooperation with the Chinese government

The founder of one of China’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges seem willing to work more closely with the government.

In the working group on WeChat, the Old Xu, the founder of OKCoin exchanger, discussed the Friday press conference of the head of the people’s Bank of China (PBoC) in which the last have touched on the issue of cryptocurrencies.

A screenshot of a group chat on to show that the Coj informed the Central Bank about the expansion plans OKCoin abroad on their research in the field of blockchain and, in particular, that “willing to sacrifice this country at any time in the future.”

The lack of clarity in the wording caused a lot of speculation in Chinese social media.

In response to the request the English edition of the CoinDesk press Secretary OKEx, which is a division of OKCoin, confirmed the authenticity of the chat, and the fact that the author of these lines is the Coj.

However, a spokesman did not specify what it is willing to sacrifice Coj: the results of research, your business or something else. It is also unclear why Shu decided to make such a statement.

Noteworthy is the fact that the channel of this cryptocurrency exchanges recently been zablokirovan capped WeChat that many associated with another round of pressure on the cryptocurrency industry of the government of China.

It is also worth noting that since came the ban on cryptocurrency exchanges in China, OKCoin has moved abroad.

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