CEO of Nvidia: cryptocurrency is here to stay

CEO of Nvidia: cryptocurrency is here to stay

Jen-Hsung Huang, CEO of graphics card manufacturer Nvidia, which yesterday published its results for the fourth quarter of 2017, believes that:

Cryptocurrency is here to stay, they just disappear.

On Thursday, the company said that demand from miners for the company’s products exceeded their expectations, but in General, this market segment remains small.

In a recent interview with Huang echoed this statement, noting that “now a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies”:

Cryptocurrency was a real part of our business in the last quarter, although, overall, small.

Huang also expressed support for the blockchain technology that underlies cryptocurrencies. According to Huang, this technology can really bring real benefits, cryptocurrency is the same market segment as any other type of virtual goods and video games.

As you know, tens of millions of virtual goods are created, distributed and traded in virtual reality, and people spend thousands of hours building space ships in the virtual space. Thus, the concept of virtual goods, virtual worlds and virtual currencies intersect and complement each other.

At the same time, Huang pointed out that they do not plan to allocate miners in a separate segment of the market.

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Chief financial officer of Nvidia, Colette Kress, is also skeptical about the impact of miners on the company’s revenues in the fourth quarter and stated that to estimate the result from the miners are very hard.

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