CBOE launches bitcoin futures, the website of the company falls

CBOE launches bitcoin futures, the website of the company falls

Just a few minutes after starting bitcoin futures on the CBOE, about the hour of the night on Kiev time, the company website does not bear the load and fell.

CBOE confirmed that the slow work of the site, as well as the inability of some visitors to come on it are the result of abnormally large amounts of traffic.

From the beginning, the growing popularity of digital currencies and rising prices has led to extreme loads on the sites of cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers. Many assumed that once wall street comes in, with reliable servers that are able (and trained) to process huge volumes of traffic, they are “in your face” cryptocurrency exchanges. But, obviously, what even the big companies on wall street have problems, when it comes to bitcoin.

Still unstable price

Today’s launch of bitcoin futures, the price of bitcoin has been volatile. Within a few minutes after opening the futures markets, the price soared more than $ 1,000, only to immediately fall to $ 500.

It’s hard to say how accurate the “mood”, but many of the traders with the /r/BitcoinMarkets – section on reddit devoted to the bitcoin trade, remained in the Fiat prior to the launch of the futures markets. In recent weeks, there were many fears that the opening of the regulated futures trading can facilitate institutional investors work with short transactions, and this in turn will reduce the price. Judging by the price at the moment, traders are able to cope with their fears.

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