Catch me if you can: Jameson Lopp assigns a reward to anyone who can find him

Catch me if you can: Jameson Lopp assigns a reward to anyone who can find him

This summer one of the most famous developers of bitcoin Jameson Lopp, his girlfriend and their dog said goodbye to his two-storey wooden house in Durham, North Carolina, and settled in a carefully guarded location somewhere in the United States.

After the story of the calling of the special forces in the house of Loppa, the developer decided to “disappear from radar”. To keep your new address secret Lopp will use a rented mailbox. Despite how it sounds, it will not disappear from the Internet. At the same time, to detect any potential “data leakage” which could reveal its new location, Lopp plans to hire private detectives, the purpose of which will find it. If they did not work, he will assign a reward to anyone who will succeed.

This is an extreme move, but Lopp is an extreme character: the bearded cryptoanalyst, who left a warning to anyone who thinks to come for his cryptocurrency.

Jameson is extremely Frank when it comes to the methods of protection of hontarov from physical threats.

“If you share that knowledge — we will be slocene he explains. — Only very few are willing to talk about it”.

Recently edition Breaker interviewed Loppem about how his new employer, Casa will protect cryptocurrencies rich people why his paranoia was a useful tool and how he plans to introduce himself to his new neighbors.

Earlier this year You left Bitgo to join Casa, who has devoted herself to helping people in securing their iptotal. How does Casa?

Casa uses multipoles — to access your repository, you must use three of the five established private keys. We combine security that ensures hardware wallets such as the best wallet or Ledger, with the usability of mobile applications.

Today the world has plenty of cryptological, but few of them resort to do the safe measures to ensure that its assets are reliable, last test protection against any kind of hacking.

Thus, we reflect on all the imaginable scenarios of loss of control over cryptocurrency assets on the basis of which create a friendly program that will help the user to build his personal cryptobranchidae as he wants. The client must be “own Bank”, but with a level of protection above a Bank. And so he will not have to go and spend days, weeks, months studying the security systems and all sorts of technical details.

Where will be located the five keys?

One of them will be on your phone in the secure element. Three of them are on hardware keyboard devices — you can put them in Bank boxes, one in the office, and another in some other area with controlled access. Maybe the house of a friend or family member, or you could dig a hole and put it in the ground, if it is a safe area in your opinion. The fifth key will be held by the company Casa that will facilitate our process to regain access to the wallet.

And how much do I have to have bitcoins, I became interested in the services of Casa?

We are starting to work on the high level market. Cost of maintenance will be $ 10,000 per year. We are really focused on customers, owning from 1 to 100 million dollars.

You are one of the people in the cryptocurrency space, constantly talking about the threat of physical attacks. Why is it so important?

I not once said that the only way to protect yourself this system is never to admit that you own cryptocurrency. Because as soon as you speak about using them, at least publicly, you put yourself a mark. After the recent rise of Bitcoin, the criminal element is beginning to understand that cryptocurrency is highly liquid assets.

Last year someone called to Your house a SWAT team, and luckily, nothing bad happened, but what other threats have You received?

A variety of reports of extortion, saying: “We’re going to do something worse if you don’t send us the crypt, blah, blah, blah”. And someone is always trying to hack my accounts online. It doesn’t stop with since I started working at BitGo.

I read in the New York Times that You plan to move to a new house, and then “disappear”. It hasn’t happened yet?

I just check how real it is. For example, plan to hire a detective who needs to track me down. If it succeeds, I plan to publicly announce the bounty.

So,suppose You have discovered. You are again in the same situation you’re trying to leave.

It all depends on purpose — or is the true enemy, or just a person who wants to get a reward. If our location publicly publish, we’ll move again. In any case, it will be an experience. My goal is to learn what a data breach was discovered, and eliminate them. If it has found a gap that I cannot close, it will be a very valuable lesson. It is an integral part of the adventure, when you go into the unknown.

It must be hard to live in constant expectation that someone can come to your house, carrying the threat?

I have always had such a way of thinking. I was interested in self defense long before got into Bitcoin. I practiced shooting from a firearm, was involved in a knife fight, went to school Krav Maga. I always thought it was interesting because I didn’t want to be a victim. Definitely, between paranoia and legitimate level of protection fine line. Before I started to get threats of physical violence, most people said, “You’re just paranoid”. Now, unfortunately, I found myself in a position where being paranoid is useful.

What is the best way to balance social activities in the space of cryptocurrencies, while remaining safe?

As I said, the smartest people do it anonymously. I interact with many people I don’t know, but I know their avatar is, but I know their user name. And that’s enough for me because they built their reputation in cryptosphere years. Your reputation does not have to be tied to your reality, to your documents. You can create as many accounts as you want, and create a reputation around them.

Have you ever tried to use the services of a bodyguard?

Thought, but still think anonymity enough.

So, what do you expect from his venture with the move?

For starters, this is a great opportunity to leave the past in the past. In the long run I hope that the security level of the crypto rich people will be equal so that we can see today in “traditional” of the rich. At least in first world countries you don’t hear about abductions and other criminal activities that occur with very rich people. And as far as I can tell, this is because it is impossible to steal someone’s baseball team or a stack of shares. As soon as people wishing to commit such a crime, realize that the security infrastructure has reached the level at which their plans are impossible to pull off, they cease their attempts.

How Your girl reacted to the move?

She was glad to leave this place, as it is clearly compromised.

Do You think the disappearance will affect your social life?

Another good question that I cannot answer. Honestly, a big part of my social life in this space mostly digital. So I don’t expect a move much to change anything.

But You will not be able to invite a person on beer!

At least, not immediately.

You have quite an impressive beard. Have you thought to shave it to make himself less recognizable?

I’m not that famous. Outside of cryptocurrency events I still don’t know. So leave this option in extreme cases.

Are you attached to that beard?

Only physically.

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