Casts of the hands of Nelson Mandela sold for $ 10 million in bitcoins

Casts of the hands of Nelson Mandela sold for $ 10 million in bitcoins

I cherish the dream of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and have equal opportunities. This is the ideal for which I live and to which we aspire. But if need be, I am ready to die for this ideal.

It is seen in peace Nelson Mandela, one of the most respected statesmen in the world.

Nelson Mandela led the struggle for the abolition of the apartheid regime in South Africa, the result was imprisoned for 27 years. In 1990, he was released from 1994 to 1999, he served as President of South Africa.

Mr. Mandela died in 2013 at the age of 95 years. His name has become a global brand, used by businessmen and artists for profit.

During his imprisonment, Nelson Mandela agreed to the creation of 27 casts of their hands — one for each year of stay in detention. This unusual request came from the South African mining group Harmony Gold. However, after four casts signifying imprisonment in 1963 and the release from prison Pollsmoor in 1990, the project began to decline.

In 2002, the moulds were acquired by a canadian businessman Malcolm Duncan, paying for them $31000. Today it is the only one left in the world copies from the collection of Golden Hands of Nelson Mandela. The rest were destroyed on the orders of the President, tired to control their copyright after a number of scandals, including fake charges, which arose around the sale of art objects with his image and name.

Malcolm Duncan kept the molds for more than 10 years, during which their sale had no economic sense. Recently Hands Mandela acquired a Canadian cryptocurrency company and the stock exchange of Arbitrade, paying for exhibits $ 10 million in bitcoins.

Arbitrade paid to Mr. Duncan Deposit in bitcoin, which were converted into 50,000 US dollars. The remaining amount expected to be paid quarterly in the amount of at least $ 2 million.

“They go over the cast, when my Bank account comes a required amount. Two and a half million — one cast”

Cryptoviral Arbitrade claims to do a world tour with educational purposes to tell the world about the life of the icon of antiapartheid, and probably about cryptocurrency. The price of gold, which is made from the casts, a relatively small but symbolic art is priceless for the followers of the leader.

“We have got the certificate of authenticity, and the first part of the collection will be available to the General public. The collection represents a significant contribution of Nelson Mandela. Moreover, the time of acquisition of the collection especially significant as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mandela, says about a recent purchase and the first exhibition of the head of Arbitrade Len Shutsman.

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