Cardano [ADA] has released a new version of “Cardano 1.1.0”

Cardano [ADA] has released a new version of “Cardano 1.1.0”

The March was tense month for Cardano, which is based on the algorithm Proof of Stake or proof rate, a fairly new cryptocurrency, which is “shot” at the beginning of this year.

Last week representatives of Cardano Foundation met with members of the National Assembly of South Korea, to discuss the problems and possibilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency regulation.

The head of the company IOHK behind this cryptocurrency, Charles Hoskinson is now in a seven-week tour, which is going to visit the major cities of Europe and Asia, will meet with local communities Cardano, to communicate with the local press, as well as to participate in a number of blockchain events.

But perhaps the main event for this cryptocurrency is the new release 1.1.0 Cardano. The new version contains a number of user interface improvements, it fixed many bugs that were found in the previous version of Cardano SL 1.0.3.

One of the most serious bugs that has been fixed in the new version is the synchronization time during the connection with the network. Was also fixed several other bugs that arose when trying to connect to the network.

In addition, the developers added in Daedalus (the official wallet of the cryptocurrency) ability to send a support request without leaving the program.

Charles Hoskinson commented on the recent release:

In addition to bug fixes, this realization is important to us because we are in it for the first time applied a qualitatively different level of development, paying special attention to the quality of the code.

Despite the positive reaction of the majority community in the fresh release, which vivid example is the review of Matt Bishop:

Finally some good news, otherwise the project was in danger of becoming quite boring. I hope that this will soon affect the price.

The price of ADA in March was in line with market and is in an downward trend. At the moment, this cryptocurrency is trading at 0.166 USD.

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