Candidate for the U.S. Congress was forced to return the donation in the amount of 20 BTC

Candidate for the U.S. Congress was forced to return the donation in the amount of 20 BTC

Austin Petersen, candidate in the Congress of the United States from Missouri, has received a donation of $130 276 in bitcoins, but was forced to return it because of the prohibitory provisions of the Federal election Commission (FEC).

In accordance with the Federal law on election campaigns limits on contributions of $5400 from one person.

This is not the first case when the self-proclaimed “bitcoin candidate” Petersen was forced to abandon generous donations. Twice there were attempts to support the candidate using BTC. Amount was $ 250,000 in BTC.

Petersen also not the first Federal candidate in the election, which happily agreed to accept as contributions to cryptocurrencies. Rand Paul took BTC at the time of nominating themselves for the presidency in 2016, and before him, Jared Polis in 2014.

“Cryptocurrency is the future of American freedom and democracy and I am happy to accept donations in this form,” said Petersen.

Petersen also won the biggest single contribution to the cryptocurrency in the history of the United States, when one of the sponsors suggested that the Republican party 0.284 BTC, which at the time was $ 4,500. Fortunately, it was within the allowable contributions and to refund the donation was not necessary.

To circumvent the limitations on contributions, Petersen called for a generous citizen to create its own Committee on political action.Such committees are created for financing political campaigns through the pooling of donations. They are allowed to accept larger contributions, and in some cases they can Finance the national party and local candidates.

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