Canada was not ready for an influx of miners

Canada was not ready for an influx of miners

During a conference in Montreal on March 2, the government of Quebec said that “not interested” in providing the cheap power miners using the largest public power company Hydro-Quebec.

In the comments of the Prime Minister Philip Kuyar noted that, in contrast to previous statements by the leadership of Hydro-Quebec, which is planned to involve the miners as the strengthening economic Outlook, “bitcoin-mining” without an “increase in rates” adverse for the economy:

“If you want to live here, to connect their servers and start mine Bitcoin, you should know that we are not interested”.

This year Quebec city has quickly emerged on the radar of operators of cryptocurrency mining all over the world. Given the growing uncertainty about the future of mining in China, companies are looking for other options where they can provide cheap wholesale prices. Mining bitcoins requires large amounts of electricity, access to cheap energy gives a significant competitive advantage for the canadian province of Quebec. Every day at Hydro-Quebec receives dozens of proposals for cooperation.

After January received more than 30 proposals, the management of Hydro-Quebec warned that “you will not be able to satisfy all applications”. On the agenda tariff increases for miners.

“If we connect all those who have applied, we will create a problem for themselves”, – said General Director of Hydro-Quebec’s Eric Martel. “We have limits and we are unable to meet the demands of the whole planet”.

Meanwhile, authorities in new York last month gave permission to work the full installer for bitcoin mining, citing economic benefits and new jobs for the local community.

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