Cambridge Analytica planned to hold ICO

Cambridge Analytica planned to hold ICO

Cambridge Analytica, which in recent years has been much criticized for the use of personal data of users of Facebook, planned the holding of ICO before the scandal broke.

According to Reuters, Cambridge Analytica planned to raise about $ 30 million by issuing their own cryptocurrencies and even went to the company, which advises and assists in carrying out ICO.

At the moment it is unclear whether the company to perform the ICO, especially given the scandal associated with Facebook. Currently, the company plans to develop blockchain-a platform that will allow users to fully control information about themselves.

In the article the New York Times States that for the first time the idea of the ICO appeared in the middle of 2017, with the goal of creating a system that would ensure the safety of users ‘ personal data, but at the same time would provide them the opportunity to sell it to advertisers.

Brittany Kaiser, a former employee of the company, believes that it is a logical step:

Who knows more about the use of personal data than Cambridge Analytica? So why not create a platform which completely changes how it all works now.

At the moment the company is going through hard times. Recall that Cambridge Analytica was hired by the headquarters of the President of Donald trump before the election in 2016, and has also been involved in the campaign to support Brekzita in 2016.

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