Bulgaria joined the international operation against OneCoin

Bulgaria joined the international operation against OneCoin

The special Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria have announced their participation in large-scale international investigation into the activities of the companies and individuals behind the investment scheme OneCoin, who is accused of creating a financial pyramid.

In a statement dated 19 January prosecutors reported that they cooperate with officials in Germany, as well as representatives of international groups Eurojust and Europol to investigate the activities associated with OneCoin. Germany began investigating the activities of OneCoin last year, after actually banned the activity of OneCoin and its promoters in the country.

The Bulgarian Prosecutor’s office said that over the last two days there were several raids on the offices associated with the company behind OneCoin. According to representatives of the Prosecutor’s office was also interviewed dozens of witnesses.

On 17 and 18 January 2017 in the presence of representatives of Europol and the German investigative authorities searched the offices of Wan Network Services and 14 other companies. Seized a lot of evidence, including servers, and interviewed about 50 witnesses.

The statement also emphasized the international nature of the investigation and referred a number of countries, which in recent months began a similar investigation.

Currently, the company’s investigation associated with OneCoin Ltd., conducted in England, Ireland, Italy, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and many other countries.

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