Bulgaria confiscated enough bitcoins to pay one fifth part of its national debt

Bulgaria confiscated enough bitcoins to pay one fifth part of its national debt

As a result of special operation law enforcement bodies of Bulgaria, together with colleagues from other countries, stopped the activities of criminal organizations and, among other things, confiscated bitcoins amount sufficient to repay a fifth of its public debt.

According to ZeroHedge, the Bulgarian Agency for fighting crime and the Southeast European law enforcement center was arrested 23 members of criminal groups (primarily ethnic Bulgarians), and confiscated a total of 213.519 bitcoins, equivalent to approximately 3.5 billion dollars.

Criminal syndicate hacked into the customs computers of Bulgaria, which allowed the attackers to import goods without payment of the prescribed fees. With the help of several corrupt officials, the group has installed viruses on the computers of customs, to be able to remote control them.

Representatives of the Southeast European law enforcement center stated that the group consisted of five Bulgarian customs officers, and other participants had connections in the former Yugoslav States.

Organized criminal group consisted of Bulgarian citizens with regard to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Romania and Serbia.

The most intriguing part of this story – an incredible amount of bitcoin, which fell into the hands of the Bulgarian government and how it intends to deal with them. The Southeast European law enforcement center confirmed that when they got access to crypto-currency wallets of criminals, bitcoin was estimated at 2354 dollar. Now the price has exceeded 17 thousand dollars.

In bitkine purses suspected there was a total of 213.519 bitcoins. Offenders chose bitcoin as storage means, as its quite difficult to track.

According to National Debt Clock the national debt of Bulgaria is $ 16 billion. The Bulgarian government can significantly reduce it if you decide to sell the confiscated bitcoins. If the government decides to take this step, as said one of the Twitter users, can derail the course of bitcoin:

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