Building where they become the cryptocurrency millionaires. Photos Business Insider

Building where they become the cryptocurrency millionaires. Photos Business Insider

There was a time when it cost them to talk about the cryptocurrency, they began to laugh. Today, they’re legends among friends and acquaintances, gurus they turn to for financial advice. But the interesting thing here is that you guys formed a group and began to live together. Business Insider looked for a visit to the community of cryptocurrency millionaires and made a very interesting photo essay.

It all started as often begin with a similar history of dizzying success. Simple guy named Jeremy Gardner did not have enough money to rent accommodation for their employees and he went on a desperate step — removed three-story building, which later became known as the Crypto Lock, and invited all to live under one roof.

So guys, believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain began to live together. Today the house is home to more than ten people. In the dormitory no permanent residents as such, someone moves, someone goes. Most of them 20 to 25 years.

“Half a dozen people, maybe more, have become millionaires while they lived in this house,” says Jeremy Gardner.

Crypto Lock — brotherhood “cryptonote”

Not everyone who lives here works in this field, but absolutely everyone knows about all cryptocurrencies!

Jeremy Gardner is the founder of Crypto-Lock

The house became “a haven for those who are doing cool things in this area”

“I don’t think you can stay in the house for more than two hours and not become a faithful follower of the ideas of the blockchain”

Vivian Ford started to invest in Bitcoin a week after moving into Crypto Castle. She calls it his best investment.

Being in the house, it becomes obvious that this is not just a place of residence

Anyone who wants to become a permanent resident is a must read collection of the journal “Distributed”. The stack is at the front door.

On the fridge, instead of the traditional magnets, stickers cryptocurrency related

One of the guests told me that the last time he was in the house, random resident made him a hot dog. “Two weeks later I found out that it was one of the co-founders of Oculus,” he said.

The price of accommodation in the Crypto Lock in simple layman hair stand on end. Gardner believes that the house is worth $ 3 million per month. The amount is divided between all the tenants equally

The reason why the young and wealthy cryptocurrency enthusiasts decided to live together in common faith and the atmosphere of full understanding. After all, who else to talk to about their achievements and plans with like-minded neighbors.

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