BTCPay and CoinCards announced support for Litecoin

BTCPay and CoinCards announced support for Litecoin

Two major payment provider, announced that they have started to support Litecoin.

One of these providers is BTCPay – the bitcoin equivalent of Paypal. BTCPay allows sellers to accept payments in bitcoin. It makes the process of payment is very simple for both the seller and the buyer.

Now all clients BTCPay in addition to bitcoin will be able to accept Litecoin.

As soon as the company BTCPay added support for Litecoin, another provider of payment services announced a similar step. Canadian payment service CoinCards, which allows users to exchange bitcoins for gift cards, also added Litecoin to its network.

CoinCards managed to create one of the largest networks in Canada, the members of which accept bitcoin. Almost all large retail chains, restaurants and hotel chains in the country are available through CoinCards. Now all this is available for the owners of Litecoin.

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Just yesterday we wrote about the fact that Litecoin is the only cryptocurrency that can really be considered a currency.

Compared to bitcoin and other aldonaj such as Ethereum, Ripple and Dash, Litecoin is already a leader in terms of volume of trading operations conducted in LTC to the capitalization of Litecoin.

It is obvious that Litecoin is undervalued compared to its competitors.

There are several possible reasons why the price of Litecoin did not react in response to the news. The first of these is the General downtrend, which is now observed on the market. The second is a close relationship Litecoin and Bitcoin where the price of LTC historically corresponds to the price of BTC.

Analytical insights

Despite the positive news for the cryptocurrency, the price is not increased, mainly due to a General downward trend for the cryptocurrency market. However, our long-term forecast about the price of Litecoin remains the same – we believe that the price this year will reach $ 400 per unit. And integration of LTC in BTCPay and CoinCards is another step that brings Litecoin to becoming a real medium of exchange among cryptocurrencies.

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