Browser Yandex “learned” to keep track of miners

Browser Yandex “learned” to keep track of miners

In Yandex has built in protection from cryptocurrency mining attackers. To detect unauthorized actions, the browser analyzes the load on the processor of the user device and blocks mining scripts that are embedded in websites and allows to secretly use the computing resources for mining cryptocurrency.

The increased load on the CPU is considered a signal of possible mining add script to the site. If the test confirms its presence, the browser immediately blocks the script. At the job site, these processes have no effect, he continues to work as usual.

According to “Kaspersky Lab” in 2017, the secret mining was subjected to 2.7 million users from around the world, which is almost 50% more than in 2016 (1.9 million). Among them are “victims” of advertising and pirated and counterfeit games, which are used by criminals to latent infecting computers. Only in the second half of 2017 attackers so got a few million dollars.

“Such mining often affects the system negatively, potentially capturing up to 100% of the capacity of each processor core,”— said the head of the desktop “Yandex.Browser” Roman Ivanov. Protection of mining works on all platforms, including computers and mobile devices on iOS and Android.

Own browser Yandex was launched in 2012. Today Yandex occupies the third place in popularity, behind Google Chrome (56,1%) and mobile Safari (18.6 per cent).

With mining scripts already struggling not only an antivirus program, confirmed by the interviewed experts. In particular, protection in the browsers began to appear from the end of 2017, says an expert on the anti-virus software “Kaspersky Lab” Alexey Malanov:

“In most cases, it is a browser extension. The use of a CPU as an indicator may not give a reliable result, although in principle use it to inform reasonable. First, the mining scripts are able to limit load to be less suspicious. Second, probable false positives on sites which use high load for a lawful purpose. If the computer is old, even the video stream can give a false signal.”

Among the free instruments for the protection of mining of most efficient common ad blockers. The most powerful, but paid way to disable JavaScript-miner — comprehensive anti-virus software.

The effectiveness of ad-blockers to combat mining is confirmed by Microsoft. C release of Windows 10, the company has focused on developing its Microsoft Edge. Available extensions, for example AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, which you can use to protect themselves from the unauthorized mining of cryptocurrencies.

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