British Prime Minister Theresa may announced plans to “seriously” engage bitcoin

British Prime Minister Theresa may announced plans to “seriously” engage bitcoin

British Prime Minister Theresa may said that her administration will examine the issue of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, after warnings about the use of their underworld.

In an interview with Bloomberg behind the scenes of the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, British Prime Minister, Theresa may, discussed the possible “harassment” of such technology companies as Facebook and Google, for failure to comply with “social responsibilities”. Her administration has worked with tech giants on many issues, among which was “child pornography on the Internet and/or the use of the Internet by terrorists and extremists.” Mei stressed that “the need to do much more.”

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At this point, editor in chief of Bloomberg John Micklethwait raised the issue of cryptocurrencies. “Consequently, these companies are also partially involved in the concealment of money, particularly from Your government, when conducting operations that You just described,” said Mickelthwait, implying the use of bitcoin.

Rod was curled. Editor in chief of Bloomberg continued to insist, “Isn’t that from the same area in which You intend to introduce restrictions?»

Knowing that after her interview immediately out loud, misleading headlines about the introduction by the UK government of “harsh measures” against the cryptocurrency market and the ecosystem, may said:

“We have a very serious look at topics such as cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, because they can be used by criminals.”

Note that such statements by a senior political figure were more of misuse of bitcoin by criminals. The Prime Minister did not disclose any further political steps of her government in respect of the cryptocurrency market and did not mention any further action against this market.

“This market is constantly evolving … and it’s moving very quickly,” said Mae. “I think we should pay attention to it,” she said, hinting that the government will closely monitor the cryptocurrency in the future.

If the authorities intend to “discipline” transactions with bitcoin, then they would have to start with the buyer of bitcoin, George Osborne, who was the Chancellor of the exchequer of great Britain until last year. At the end of 2015, the Chancellor stressed that the government will “try our best” to make Britain global centre of financial technologies. “Digital currency can play an important role in our financial future,” – said at the time Osborne.

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