Break the pattern: German cryptocurrency project, which drew $ 50 million, pretended to be a Scam to attract more investment

Break the pattern: German cryptocurrency project, which drew $ 50 million, pretended to be a Scam to attract more investment

18 APR Frankfurt startup Savedroid popular, which grossed over $50 million investment just disappeared with the money collected during the ICO. CEO and founder of the project and Yassin Hanker after arisen among investors panic, have issued the following tweet:

“Thank you all! The end… #savedroidIC”

Savedroid German ICO, collecting money from February 9 to March 9, 2018. The description reads: “the Ecosystem of crypto-savings for everyone.”

Savedroid promised to develop a service for portfolio investments in the cryptocurrency, which enables even inexperienced traders to successfully invest. It was also stated on the release card to output tokens and pay for the goods.

The project pages in social networks were available, however, the new publications were not. The project site showed a meme from South Park: “IIiii… he’s gone!”

Runaway businessman on communication did not leave. Almost every user of cryptocurrency, decided that such a promising and ambitious project was the most common fraud. Especially all struck by the arrogance of the organizer, who shamelessly showed investors a selfie from the airport as well as the sea.

Was organized by the “search expedition”, for example, representatives of the blog Cryptobriefing claimed that they were able to track the location of a cheater for the above tweet. The combination of Egyptian beer and the background in the photo pointed to the fact that it is located on the red sea coast, Movenpick resort in the Egyptian El Quseir. The authors of the blog to an aggressive form called to track and capture the criminal. About the project wrote CCN, Finance Magnate, Cryptovest, Crowdfund Insider, Bloomberg. Perhaps the hype over Hanker can be compared only with references to Vitalik Buterin and Charlie Lee.

But a day later the situation has changed dramatically. Yassin Hanker he made contact with a loud statement that his escape is a prank and a way to show investors how the scope of the ICO needs to change. The changes that Savedroid can realize with the help of their new services.

The first service is as simple to use, and most importantly — free, a list of items that will allow “just a few minutes to evaluate any ICO to make an informed investment decision”. The second product is already paid and intended for the organizers of the ICO. The service will allow them to design a campaign that corresponds to antisamos policy.

This method of promotion of new services have caused anger cryptocurrency community that it is not momentary prilnula to bring down on the heads of Ancira and his team:

“What a horrible idea! Do you know what experiences your trick was worth to investors? And now you’re going to give advice on the ICO”.

“What you did was unethical, immoral and absolutely disgusting. You robbed people enough time. People donated money to those who said that went bankrupt because of your project. Your so-called “lesson” was ill-conceived and will cause the petition to remove you from the position of CEO!”

In his video on YouTube and Yassin Hanker explained that just wanted to show investors how easy it is ICO-startup to hide their money. According to him, the current situation threatens the future success of cryptocurrency startups and requires actions. Savedroid willing to share their knowledge with regulators and authorities to change things for the better, says Hunker.

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