Brave new world: Paytomat about the project and about the changes he will bring to the world of cryptocurrency

Brave new world: Paytomat about the project and about the changes he will bring to the world of cryptocurrency

Have you ever bought food or things, paying mĕnē Sumerian, Roman denarii or rutinski the Hriven?

Once all these coins were real money. In fact, they are still considered “money”, and numismatists are willing to pay them crazy amounts of money modern currency is “real money.” However mĕnē, denarius and hrývna are no longer valid currency.

To be considered a “currency”, money needs to provide an environment of exchange. The more real transaction is made with the help of these money, the greatest value is the currency in which they are expressed.

About a year ago, the company’s partner CryptoGroup Alexander Baranovsky began to assemble an excellent team to create a tool that will contribute to the development of the medium of exchange for various cryptocurrencies.

Initially, their main idea was to create a simple and powerful tool for the adoption of cryptocurrency. Over time, however, they found that the blockchain community there is a big problem. In fact, several problems which are interrelated:

Very few people use the cryptocurrency for daily payments. Currently, this is more of an investment instrument, like a stock or bond. Let’s say you bought bitcoins for a Cup of coffee in may 2017, December 2017 at a cost of this coffee would have a new car. You do the same thing in December 2010, in 2017 it would be an apartment in Manhattan. This trend will continue, regardless of what panic will rise in the next few months.

However, if you still want to pay for your coffee with bitcoin, you need to have knowledge of applied cryptography and knowledgeable about cybersecurity at the level of the national security Agency. Even if you somehow succeed, sooner or later you will find that your only motivation to pay using cryptocurrency is the desire to prove to the world that it is indeed possible.

The project Paytomat solves each of the three questions

Paytomat aims to be the payments ecosystem Point-of-Sale with the highest number of currencies available in the market. They plan to cover not only crypto-currencies, but Fiat money. The procedure of payment cryptocurrency is easy, no more complicated than to pay with a credit card. It works like this: the waiter or cashier to specify exactly which cryptocurrency you are going to pay, then you will generate a receipt with a QR code. The check amount is automatically recalculated at the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency. Payment is made directly from the smartphone client is installed on any cryptocurrency wallet. You are just scanning the QR code, confirm payment, and she leaves. Throughout.

The team Paytomat sincerely believes that in the coming years, payment year for us will become as commonplace as using a credit card. However, there are still some barriers. People need to get used to the new technology, you need to learn to trust her, to learn how to use the wallet to learn how to buy cryptocurrency. High volatility and the growth rate are confusing, constantly question what to do: keep or sell? But over time, these barriers are easier to overcome and pleasure from owning your assets in your wallet, in your phone, not in a strange Bank finally win.

Alexander Baranovsky – partner CryptoGroup, investor and cryptoanalysis, said in an interview with “the Juice”:

Forget about paper money in the future and banks in their current understanding. The blockchain is already changing the landscape. This flywheel can not be stopped. The sooner we all spycams with this idea, the more successful and richer than we are. And to dive into the topic, you need to believe in it on an emotional level. Try to start with, how to sleep. Go meditation courses, if not practice. You’ll need this. Buy yourself a reliable wallet. Store passwords and sid-phrase for a purse in a safe place. Sign up on the exchange. Put 100 USD on your account. Select the currency that you enjoy. Once you know about it as possible, put buy order. Then on sale. If the window is about five in the morning, then transfer to your wallet and wait: if after two days you will not pull to trade – then you are an investor otherwise trader. If after the third loss at auction you are still a trader – then you’ve found your new calling.

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