Brave Browser begins testing advertising program: 70% of the profits will get beta testers

Brave Browser begins testing advertising program: 70% of the profits will get beta testers

Brave Software, publisher web browser with open source code, with emphasis on confidentiality, a built-in ad blocker and the ability to work with cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token [BAT]), began testing its advertising program.

Users who participate in testing will be paid remuneration in BAT, constituting 70% of the advertising revenue within this company.

The company, founded by former chief architect and CTO of Mozilla, Brendan Ahom, a former senior Mozilla developer and former software engineer at Khan Academy, Brian Bondi, alleges that their browser offers a number of advantages in comparison with competitors. The advantages are higher speed and attitude to users ‘ privacy. The developers claim, ctoh browser loads pages two times faster than other desktop browsers and up to eight times faster mobile browsers, largely due to the built-in ad blocker, which oprobuete all unnecessary processes and thus increases throughput.

Once the product is fully launched, the browser will provide its users a choice between so as to completely block advertisements, or to view some of them in exchange for the cryptocurrency tokens Poluchenie BAT. describes BAT as “a token based on the technology of Ethereum, which also can be used as the unit of calculation between advertisers and publishers.”

Advertising program allows users to view “several relevant ads” several times a day. Every time visible is the browser user earns tokens BAT. Profits are distributed in such a way that the user gets 70% of all advertising revenue.

Because the participants in the test programs will have to share their surfing history they will have to abandon the sensitive work, at least at the time of participation in the test company.

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