Bottos (BTO) announces a partnership with one of the top cryptocurrencies

Bottos (BTO) announces a partnership with one of the top cryptocurrencies

The project Bottos (BTO), in anticipation of the launch of the core network, has announced a new partnership with one of the top cryptocurrencies.

Bottos project with a decentralized infrastructure, which works in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), will announce the partnership with one of the top cryptocurrencies on the eve of the launch of its own core network. It is also expected that, as a minimum, two cryptocurrency exchanger Selestat tokens of the project in may.

Last week the project launched a new website and has released a new white paper, which focuses on the potential applications on the basis of Bottos in the industry of AI.

Executive Director Xin Dream is to take part in the Congress of the AI in Las Vegas, as well as Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam, as part of the marketing program Bottos in support of the launch of the core network.

In AI there are three factors: the first is the processing power, the second algorithms, they are key to AI. The third data. Model AI developed over the last 60 years, but despite this, in everyday life we are not so often confronted with the AI. The thing is that the training data AI is not enough.

Meanwhile, every day you are creating the data. You don’t get any benefit from data that you generate. On the platform Bottos you can receive compensation for providing access to this data. Whenever your data is used for any purpose that is logged in the blockchain. It is extremely important to protect the confidentiality of data.

Bottos is a decentralized communication platform, which aims to create a market for data for the AI. Their goal is to attract small and medium business AI, so they began to use the platform to develop their projects AI. Their main competitor is the Singularity Network, and they are a little overlap with Deep Brain Chain.

Data is the new oil. Platform Bottos will combine multiple companies specializing in big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent equipment, robots, the Internet of things, etc. All these companies will be presented in the form of DApps (decentralized applications) on the platform Bottos.

In the ecosystem Bottos user data is stored on a decentralized blockchain nodes and can be used without access to the original data and bind to specific users, it is a guarantee of confidentiality.

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