Bottom punched, Hasrat Ethereum has fallen to its lowest level in last 9 months

Bottom punched, Hasrat Ethereum has fallen to its lowest level in last 9 months

To get the Ethereum already profitable, so miners with relatively high cost of electricity continue to turn off their farms. The result is visible on the chart changes Hasrat cryptocurrency in November it has fallen to the lowest level since February 2018.

Recall that until August, the complexity of production Ethereum only increased, but since the beginning of autumn, Hasrat began to fall. If three months ago, he reached 297 terhesa, now down to 236 of terhesa, that is about 25 percent.

Profitable mine Ethereum

Ordinary miners are now suffering losses. Things are so bad that even a large company with a huge amount of iron trying to stay on the market. According to Trust Nodes, extraction 1 ETH in August costs about 152 USD. This does not include spending on maintenance of equipment.

However, the figure calculated on the basis of the relatively high cost of electricity — more than 12 cents per kilowatt. In some regions of the world still can make a profit with GPU if the electricity price less than 5 cents.

In other words, another “line of profitability” is at the level of $ 91. Except that with the consumption of the service cryptoform, mining even at five cents for electricity brings very little profit.

What’s next? First, the miners will try to sell the extracted ETH at a minimum to cover at least the cost. Secondly, it is now much easier to buy Ethereum than mine, so in the absence of major shocks on the market you can expect a return of buyers.

On the other hand, the rate of inflation Ethereum remains at a relatively high level of 7 per cent for the year. Inflation would fall to 4 per cent with the last phase of renovation of the Metropolis, but the developers of cryptocurrencies had to move it to January 2019. With the transition to Proof-of-Stake issue of new coins ETH will fall another two times.

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