BlockShow Asia 2017 opened with ads from EOS

BlockShow Asia 2017 opened with ads from EOS

BlockShow Asia, conference on blockchain technology, has started in Singapore.

The event supported one of the leading publications in the field of cryptocurrencies – Cointelegraph mainly intended for networking, but not without ads from various cryptocurrency startups.

So, team EOS, platforms decentralized applications built on Ethereum, announced the opening of a new test platform STAT (Single-Thread Application Testnet). The new platform is a public test environment, supported Block.One.

Features and future test platforms

The test framework is designed as an ideal environment for developers to test applications, as well as for producers of apps for the platform EOS.IO.

For example, the platform simulates the production environment EOS, which will be available in mid-2018. With the new EOS platform, the developers will have enough time to create and test new DApps.

For interested developers team EOS has developed the API. In addition, they created a repository on GitHub specifically for use when working with the test network.

In the future, around the summer of 2018, the team plans to expand the functionality where you can create and test multiple applications and their interaction – multi-thread application Testnet (MAT).

It is expected that the conference will be made several more announcements.

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