Blockchain-the project was exhibited on eBay

Blockchain-the project was exhibited on eBay

Blockchain project Sponsy that in conducting the ICO didn’t sell a single token, now being sold on eBay. For $ 60,000 a happy customer can get a project in which “there is everything for a successful campaign ICO/STO”.

Project of Ivan Komar serves as a perfect example of why Great Cryptopuzzle 2017-2018 had burst, writes the Financial Times.

According to Komar, everything went wrong, because the lawyer who was hired by the company.

“Our lawyer told us that we should not run any ICO before you create a real product that will have multiple users,” said Komar. “And I asked him why, because I saw a lot of ICO, which did not have any idea about any product but they managed to collect tens of millions of dollars”.

If the mosquito could turn back time, he wouldn’t have to listen to your lawyer. He believes that from the point of view of business, conducting “the sale of the token as soon as possible to jump into a flying cryptobeast” would be the right choice. He believes that by the time in mid-2018, the product was ready, the popularity of ICO on the market did not go down there.

The mosquito recognizes that its blockchain-the project does not require decentralization. In fact, it may very well work on a centralized platform without the need for tokenization. However, the startup positioned itself as a “Decentralized sponsorship platform.” According to the Financial Times, the mosquito unwittingly managed to show “awareness and inconsistency bladder ICO”.

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