Blockchain startup Libra has raised $7.8 million investment

Blockchain startup Libra has raised $7.8 million investment

Blockchain startup Libra, which specializiruetsya on the development of financial accounting and auditing in the field of cryptocurrency, raised $7.8 million investment in A round of funding.

Libra investors become venture capital firm Liberty City Ventures, crypto-currency market maker XBTO and trust company by family office from Europe, whose name is not specified. In the campaign participated investor Lee Linden, who previously worked with Facebook.

Previously, Liberty City Ventures has invested in a startup of $500,000 at the initial stage, finansirovanie project in 2014.

The representative of the startup said that the funds will be used to develop the Libra platform Enterprise Platform.

Libra CEO Jake Benson said:

“Libra strives to become the leading provider of accounting, audit and tax software a new generation in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain”.

Libra specializiruetsya on the development of accounting and auditing
software, oriented to the sphere of the blockchain and
cryptocurrency. The startup was founded in 2014. The first project of the company was LibraTax – accounting in the field of cryptocurrency. In the same year, the IRS has published guidance in which the digital money, like bitcoin, have been identified as taxable property.

Recently the company has concentrated on the corporate level and has begun to develop tools that partially focused on exchanges and other trading platforms.

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