Blockchain EOS finally launched

Blockchain EOS finally launched

Blockchain EOS officially launched, as more than 17% token EOS already participated in the vote, but to run would be enough, and 15% voted “for”.

Recall that the manufacturers of the blocks and prior to that worked with the network but with the test version, and now switched on the main. Some believe that the revival in the voting process due to the fact that he was joined by “whales”, which have considerable reserves of EOS.

Network EOS the blocks are manufactured by special manufacturers who choose the other members.

At the moment on the voting page 291 manufacturer specified blocks. The list is notable favorites: such as Canada EOS and EOS Authority. In the tail of the list a lot of unknown candidates who gathered a few votes. At the moment, in order to get into the top 21, need 22 million more EOS.

Immediately after the news about the launch of the network, the price of EOS began to grow and reached a peak in the area of 11.16 USD.

Trading volumes in the EOS also increased, although liquidity increased mainly due to the emergence of trading pairs with Tether. Now more than 31% of all trading on the EOS accounts for USDT.

The next major step for EOS will be conducting airdrops and work on distributed applications. Although there are skeptics who believe that airdrops will contribute to the emergence of even more whales.

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