Blockchain bitcoin in 3D – a new tool of virtual reality

Blockchain bitcoin in 3D – a new tool of virtual reality

Bitcoin is an intangible asset, so it is quite difficult to visualize.

Yes, we know the principles of operation of the blockchain, some of us even tried to explain it to elderly relatives that are unlikely to come to fruition. All aspects of the underlying Bitcoin technology, you can monitor and analyze— that is the beauty of this development. But graphs and charts can not fully “show” us what bitcoin is. Ah, if I had a way to portray it in all its glory!

Despite the fanfare that greeted the first VR application, they are not always justified created hype around them. A few months after the release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vives many users are tired of 3D, and returned to a comfortable two-dimensional reality. However, there is an area where VR is gaining momentum is data visualization.

Kevin small has created a free multiplatform, which allows everyone to see the bitcoin chain in 3D or VR. British developer plans to present his creation at the London summit of the Blockchain on November 28. While the design is still being refined, the working model is already running. It allows you to track the flow of bitcoins when driving on the blockchain.

Whether you’re trying to control your bitcoins to investigate the theft of a Bitcoin Mt Gox or find out what happened to those bitcoins that you bought in 2012 and foolishly sold – development allows you to see all of it.

Free software is quite simple to operate. It can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. System support for virtual reality displays the blockchain – a chain is created in VR – it even works with Google maps. The 3D version looks pretty good.

At startup the user chooses to view a random address/transaction, or to select specific data . Bitcoin addresses are displayed as red cubes: deals – blue sphere, inputs/outputs hands. Click on objects and dive deeper into the matrix. This app is quite a fascinating way to while away the evening. For those who have an unhealthy interest in blockchain app for VR explorer 3D will like.

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