Blockchain as the revolution of social media

Blockchain as the revolution of social media

Security, monetization, functionality and control of the bonuses of social media, which until recently was only available to few — the owners and administrators of social platforms.

This is not to say that personal data is used without permission: almost every platform has a “Terms and conditions” that users accept without reading.

A warning about privacy! Did you know? In 2010, Facebook privacy policy longer than US Constitution.

Ambiguous language in these documents provide owners the social media is not only the access to user data, but also the opportunity to share them with other platforms.

New social media is built on the blockchain, changing the relationship of users with the ecosystem. Such projects as “Voice” or Synereo, reward users for the content, and, according to Derin Kaga, founder of the information portal Richtopia, this is one step on the way to improve social media via the blockchain. The rating system will help to filter out the fake news by rewarding users for good content. Such a system can be implemented at any sites. “With the rise of blockchain socio-economic interaction improves and becomes more affordable as we move from the Internet information to the Internet values,” — said Kaag.

In late November, media Agency Mindshare became a partner of the Singapore blockchain project Zilliqa to start testing blockchain solutions for fake news, data security and reward in tokens.

Dor Conforti, CEO of Synereo social platform believes that the goal of most social media such as Facebook and YouTube, to increase the amount of time that a user spends in the network, to obtain more personal data. In contrast to this approach, the new media will be based on the added services, by providing honest content and the ability to pay.

Another possibility is to encourage users, encouraging fair play — to provide a service informing the customer of opt-in. Users will automatically receive a reward of cryptocurrency, sharing programs, which sell data to third parties.

Blockchain will also improve automation: with smart contracts on blockchain platform will simultaneously interact with each other on behalf of the user, and much better than now.

Finally, the technology of distributed registry will increase the security of the social platform, while maintaining data on the set of decentralized nodes. About this advantage says Abhishek Bhandari, co-founder and Vice-President of service of a professional Dating Bloomatch.

And while social media users regularly discover “the leak”:

The other day doing some Christmas shopping at work, and things that I was looking at your workstation, now in my advertising on Facebook on my phone, privacy does not exist

And considered the most radical measures — from lawsuits to cancel your account:

Max Schrems has successfully won a lawsuit against Facebook — now he is fighting to protect our privacy. Support his project @NOYBeu

A little concerned with complaints about privacy that I hear about Facebook. I don’t want to leave FB, really come to this?

As soon as the dissatisfaction of the users of the giants of social media grows, the blockchain allows you to create a social platform without owning control and personal information intermediaries.

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