Bittrex resumed registration of new users… but not for long

Bittrex resumed registration of new users… but not for long

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex again the registration of new users.

However, only some time after the resumption of registration, the exchange’s management was forced to temporarily disable it. As stated by the representatives of Bittrex, it happened because of the influx of new users. At the moment, the exchange staff has made every effort to re-open registration as soon as possible.

In addition, renewal of registration, the company has also updated its web site.

Recall that initially, the registration was suspended in December due to the fact that the number of those wishing to register was too great. Complete the registration process involves the verification of identity.

CEO Bittrex bill Chihara stated that “the responsibility for providing customers with a reliable platform and the exceptional quality of customer service” were the major reasons of the suspension of the registration.

After working to improve our infrastructure and update our web site we are pleased to announce that the registration of new users today has resumed.

The company also notes that her team has added former Amazon employees, the Ministry of justice and the national security of the United States.

Recall that about two months ago, Bittrex has published its criteria for listing of new tokens on the site. In addition, the project must comply with regulatory standards and requirements, States that its tokens appeared on Bittrex.

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