Bittrex added TUSD – new coin pegged to the dollar

Bittrex added TUSD – new coin pegged to the dollar

About 10 hours ago one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex announced the addition of the new “stablon” – TUSD tied to the dollar.

All tokens TUSD secured by deposits in us dollars, which are on accounts of banks-partners.

We wanted to create a stable coin, it is absolutely transparent, which would have no standing, no special algorithms or closed Bank accounts. Our public, smart contracts, which are periodically subjected to auditing procedures provide a 1:1 ratio between TrueUSD and USD in the accounts of partner banks.

TrueUSD (TUSD) trading is only paired with BTC, but will soon be able to trade and Ethereum. To work with the new token will need to pass verification according to the standards of KYC/AML.

In the near future are also being planned TrueEuro. Many experts believe that TrueUSD will become a serious competitor of the token Tether (USDT).

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