BitTorrent employees leave the company because of disagreement with the policy of Tron

BitTorrent employees leave the company because of disagreement with the policy of Tron

At least five employees left BitTorrent, after in June the company acquired Justin San, the founder of blockchain of the Tron project.

According to multiple sources, the layoffs caused by the disagreement with the course of development, which encouraged the user of Tron. Sources reported that three employees had left voluntarily, and the other two were dismissed.

Among those who left at least two people have held senior positions, including head of the marketing Department.

However, other key employees, including the CEO, CFO, product Manager and Manager of income will not be able to leave the company because of a special agreement, which is valid 18 months from the date of purchase.

In 2017 Tron made ICO, which managed to raise $ 70 million, but later returned the funds to Chinese investors after the relevant decision of the Chinese government.

Many analysts believe that Justin San acquired the BitTorrent, in the hope of getting access to a large user base (100 million active users per month). Others suggested that he thus seeks to increase the level of trust to your company.

One of the most probable reasons is the rapid growth of the company. At the moment, the company, which employs about 50 people, is looking for 30 new employees.

Many of the staff BitTorrent fear that the culture in the new company will change. BitTorrent is known for its “relaxed” atmosphere. Many employees also confusing marketing techniques used by Tron.

It should be noted that BitTorrent in recent years, is experiencing not the best times, in terms of personnel. In 2008 the company laid off 12 employees, and in 2015, after the reorganization of the business have been laid off 40 employees.

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