Bitrefill successfully conducted the transaction using Lightning network

Bitrefill successfully conducted the transaction using Lightning network

Faster, cheaper transactions the bitcoin network can become a reality very soon.

The company, which provides services in replenishment of accounts of mobile phones Bitrefill was conducted with a real transaction (Deposit mobile) with the use of a Lightning network with near-instant speed with zero Commission, as boasted on Twitter one of the developers of the company Alex Bosworth:

Although this transaction is not yet available to most users and is still largely restricted to the command-line interface, it is, nevertheless, clearly demonstrates the technology network Lightning.

Lightning network is one of the most popular solutions to the problem of scaling the bitcoin network. This is a new layer on top of bitcoin Protocol that allows you to make transactions faster and cheaper, while not sacrificing safety. According to the site Bitinfocharts, currently, the average transaction cost of bitcoin is 36 USD.

This kind of transaction is not yet available to customers Bitrefill. According to General Director Sergey Kotlyar, a transaction happened when Bosworth tested the implementation with one of the developers of the company. In any case Bosworth needed to recharge your phone at the time, so he decided to carry out a transaction using real money and it worked

Kotlyar commented on this event:

We are all ready to launch, but we have not run this feature until network appears wallet Lightning support available to regular users.

Developers of purses will need to upgrade in order to be able to interact with the Protocol-level Lightning.

Bitrefill announced the work on introduction of Lightning Protocol in August. Interested users and developers can test it now using a fake bitcoin.

Based in Stockholm, Bitrefill mostly focused on giving people the opportunity to top up the mobile phones with the help of cryptocurrency.

Our vision is to enable people worldwide to use bitcoin as money.

Bitrefill believes that the new technology is the future and urge other companies will join them and start to integrate:

Integration with Lightning was surprisingly easy. It works the same way as something like bitcoin, perfect to do with how our wallets and purses of other companies.

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