Bitmain uses of BU equipment to build their own miners?

Bitmain uses of BU equipment to build their own miners?

Chinese miners Bitmain criticized for one of the last products of the company – miner AntMiner B3.

According to the message in WeChat from AntMiner, a new product appeared April 25, just a day after the launch of the core network Bytom (BTM).

The cost of the miner is 17.000 RMB (or 2,600 USD) per piece, and the first batch of 25,000 miners B3 was sold out in just a few minutes after the start of sales.

According to the official specs of the AntMiner B3 has a capacity of 750 hashes per second. However, it soon appeared information about the fact that Bitmain has greatly exaggerated the capabilities of the new product.

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According to local source, the test is carried out by the Chinese miners showed that AntMiner B3 has a capacity of only 500-600 hashes per second, which significantly reduces the estimated profit (according to the initial statements Bitmain she had to make 47 BTM per day).

In addition to these charges, the local miners also suspect that Bitmain uses used components for the production of B3. According to a message on a local website Zhihu, cooler new AntMiner B3 was covered with dust, which may explain the weak computing power.

All this has led to the fact that the buyer group B3 visited the office of Bitmain in Beijing on Monday to discuss a solution. Following the meeting, the miners said that Bitmain has expressed willingness to make products that have problems with hashing power, but does not intend to return the money for sold equipment and is ready to defend its position in court.

Moreover, Bitmain said that the problem device be less than one percent of all produced up. The company also rejected allegations that she used BU the assemblies of miners.

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