Bitmain starts in the United States and wins: the company leases land in Washington state

Bitmain starts in the United States and wins: the company leases land in Washington state

Chinese giant Bitmain became one step closer to the opening of the mining enterprises in the state of Washington.

Agency for economic development of the County of Walla Walla unanimously approved the option to lease and subsequent purchase of land that will allow Bitmain to build a new facility for mining cryptocurrency.

Subsidiary Bitmain — Ant Creek received permission to lease 10 acres of land with the possibility of foreclosure in a year. It is worth noting that in the original version of the contract it was about 30 acres, however, this point of agreement was changed. The authorities considered the provision by the company of 24 jobs for local residents insufficient reason for the allocation of a site of this size.

Ant Creek agreed to the new terms, according to local newspaper the Union Bulletin. The rent for the plot area of 10 acres, is about 4700 dollars a month.

At the moment Bitmain has not publicly acknowledged its subsidiary, but the information on the registration of Ant Creek is freely available. CEO of Bitmain Jihan Wu is listed in the documents as the sole Trustee of the person Ant Creek.

According to The Union-Bulletin, Jeff Stearns, Director of the company, during a meeting of the local authority described the Ant Creek as the blockchain, a company focused on the development of artificial intelligence.

Residents of Walla Walla expressed concern about the amount of energy which will consume the new mining centre. Territory of Walla Walla Bitmain chosen by chance — in the County some of the cheapest electricity rates in North America.

“They consume electricity and fill the pockets of the owner, but does not invest in this”— commented a local resident Robb Lincoln

As reported, the hearing was held in a very tense situation, and one resident even got kicked out of the courtroom. One of the speakers from the faces of locals unleashed their criticism on cryptocurrency as a whole:

“They are not used for legitimate business, explained Peder Fretheim commissioners of the port. “They are used for two things: hidden from the law of transactions and speculation”.

Mining companies rush to occupy the territory, in the regions with energy surplus and inexpensive rates, but they are increasingly met with resistance from local residents.

In another County, Washington officials imposed a moratorium on commercial mining operation, while the city authorities will not consider the laws on zoning and land use, and regulation from the municipal Department of electricity. Officials in Mason County followed the example of its neighbors and temporarily froze the production of cryptocurrencies, to study the effect of the already running mining farms to the local grid.

For similar reasons, the government of the canadian province of Quebec ordered the municipal organization Hydro-Quebec, to discontinue consideration of requests for services from mining companies due to overwhelming demand.

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