Bitmain is going to release ASIC miner for Ethereum

Bitmain is going to release ASIC miner for Ethereum

According to Technews, Bitmain is going to produce ASIC-miner E3 for Ethereum in the second or third quarter of 2018.

Bitmain is about to release F3, ASIC miner for Ethereum. It is reported that each miner will be equipped with 3 boards. On each Board there will be 6 ASIC processors, each of which has 32 GB of DDR3 memory with a capacity of 1 GB. One miner F3 will have 72 GB of DRAM.

There are doubts in correctness of calculation of the total memory authors Technews, so that these characteristics can be considered accurate. At the same time in this article refer to all Western sources are not commenting on the mistake of the authors of the article.

The approximate price is to fluctuate around 2000-3000 USD. And Hasrat will be 200-220 MH/s, although if you believe the specs of the capacity of the device should be more.

Bottleneck production Bitmain is Dram, which explains the close relationship Bitmain with suppliers in Taiwan. The current need Bitmain memory is about 3,000 units a month.

It is known that the algorithm in Ethereum is protected from mining via ASIC I. However, as noted in his time, Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin:

If the coin is profitable, the ASIC and sooner or later will appear. And that’s good.

At the moment Bitmain produces ASIC miners for bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and Siacoin.

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