Bitmain is experiencing a strong shortage of funds

Bitmain is experiencing a strong shortage of funds

Mining giant cryptocurrency Bitmain faced with several problems simultaneously. The company filed a lot of lawsuits, in addition, the last batch of miner Antminer S15 was sold at a loss, as was necessary to repay the debt.

Member of the Board of Directors as Blockstream Samson MOU spoke about the problems of the company in a series of tweets:

“1. Bitmain already faces numerous lawsuits, and the number of complaints is increasing. Their Assembly, manufacturing and maintenance companies do not get paid and lose patience. It seems that Bitmain is mired in debt and trying to raise capital from new investors.”

Rumor has it that the company selects the units for demonstration to potential investors to obtain financing. It is known that the yield of 7-nm chips are low, they are competitive about 60%. It seems that the company is going through hard times and faced with a monetary crisis.

Meanwhile, according to the lawsuit, filed in November of last year, Bitmain will be required to pay as compensation $ 5 million the statement explained that the company mined the cryptocurrency in its own interests on devices owned by customers.

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