Bitmain has released a new ASIC Antminer Z9 mini for mining zcash for

Bitmain has released a new ASIC Antminer Z9 mini for mining zcash for

Today, the Chinese company Bitmain, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of ASIC-s, announced in his Twitter account about the beginning of the presales new miner called Antminer Z9 mini:

Antminer Z9 mini designed for mining cryptocurrency-based algorithm Equihash. On the basis of this algorithm, there are 4 crypto-currencies: zcash for (ZEC), ZenCash (ZEN), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), the Hush (HUSH). The most promising of them are the zcash for which is on the 27th place in terms of capitalization and Bitcoin Gold, which is on the 23rd place.

The specifications of the new miner are the following:

  • Hash rate: 10k Sol/s (may vary within 5%)
  • Power consumption: 300W
  • Hashing algorithm: Equihash
  • Retails for $1999, and the payment as is customarily accepted in cryptocurrency.

The yield of this miner according to the site is about 40 US dollars and may vary depending on the cost of electricity. However, it is worth noting that the yield is calculated based on the current situation in the market and by July 2018, when the first batch is sent, the situation could change dramatically.

In addition, in comments to the official tweet, the company zcash for many investors, Bitcoin and Gold say about the need for forks to avoid centralization of mining in these networks.

We will remind that earlier, after Bitmain Antminer announced its X3 for mining in the network Monero, the crypto currency held a fork in order to remain invulnerable to ASIC and thus more decentralized.

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