Bitmain has lost $ 5.5 million because of an unknown hacker. Company sues

Bitmain has lost $ 5.5 million because of an unknown hacker. Company sues

In addition to the difficult financial situation, Bitmain also has serious problems with hackers. Recently in the district court for the Western district of Washington there was a lawsuit in the case of an anonymous hacker who stole $ 5.5 million from the wallets mining giant. A situation occurred in April, but the official document representatives of the company filled in only recently.

Bitmain against hackers

As stated in the document, an unknown hacker under the name John Doe was able to obtain control over the company’s account on Binance. Bitcoins to wallet, Bitmain the offender used to manipulate the price Aldona Decentraland (MANA). After a few successful transactions anonymous brought their “profits”.

Lawyers Bitmain declare that the loss of the company “has exceeded 5.5 million dollars in Bitcoin and other digital assets.” According to them, crook “managed to steal almost 617 BTC”. The incident happened on April 22, the day the price of Bitcoin was $ 8935$.

Part of the circuit the hacker is also listed in the lawsuit. The prosecution argues that the offender used two accounts of the exchange on Binance and two accounts on Bittrex (there were also 2.3 million coins MANA). Then John Doe manipulated the price Aldona placing buy orders “significantly above the market price”.

In other words, Doe inflated the local bubble, with the price of the asset. After other bidders have begun to act in their interests, the hacker leaked the unsuspecting traders a couple million MANA. For this price Aldona plummeted, and he got the opportunity to take the stolen cryptocurrency from the exchange to your wallet.

According to Cointelegraph, the damage from the hacking of exchanges in the first nine months of 2018, 2.5 times the statistics of 2017.

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